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Agathe. Eine Berlinerin aus Ruanda

Euro 14.50
252 Pages

Anke Poenicke

Publication date: 2004
Language:  German
ISBN: 3-927198-27-7

Agathe, who many call "Angie" at school, is eleven years old and lives with her mother Suzanne. She attends the fifth class of a Berlin High School, together with her best friend Nadine. Agathe is the sporty typ and a good pupil. She is well known and seems to be very self-confident.

She isn't ruffled by stupid comments about her skin colour. Her father died when the family was living in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. She doesn't remember the time in Rwanda, because she was 2 years old, when she came to Berlin. she has a marvelous uncle Gasana and his family in Hamburg, and her aunts Jeanne and Vivianne in Dakar.

One day, Agathe finds out why her family is so small: on 7 April 1994 the genocide began in Rwanda. In only hundred days nearly one million people were killed. All her relatives were among the victims. Then she also finds out that her father, a journalist, had been purposefully murdered before the genocide began. Nightmares, an infinite sadness, headaches become her constant companions.

Only when she begins to write about everything and when she becomes aware that not only her schoolmate Vincent really wants to know more, does she slowly begin to find joy in the task her dead ones have left her: to live.
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