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Facets Of Ghanaian Culture/Facetten der Kulturen Ghanas
Facetten der Kulture Ghanas

Euro 9.50

Angela Christian

Publication date: First Ed. 1989. Second Ed. 2004
Language: English
ISBN: 3-927198-04-8

An Old Ashanti Poem:

The path has crossed the river.
The river has crossed the path.
Which is the elder?
We made the path and found the river.
The river is from long ago.
From the creator of the Universe.

This is not a book of poems. You will still find one or two as above in this book beside the facets on Kente, Adinkra, Oware, Pottery & Ceramics, Akuaba, Ashanti Gold Weights, Akan Stools, Uses of Gold in Ghana, Ghanaian Art forms and Symbolism, The Ghana National Museum, etc. Also in German

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